In a moment of weakness I signed up for online dating. It’s only been 5 days but I’m already burned out.

I’m not super popular but I had the approach initially of replying to everyone that took the time to send a message that was at least a few lines. That meant maybe 4 ppl a day but even that was too much.

I did find some guys that I liked based on their profile, but the majority has been either ppl outside my specified range, gross guys clearly just looking for hookups or weird ppl. Like the guy who thought sending as the first message: “would you marry me? I’m serious :)” would entice me.

I don’t know how much longer I’m gonna keep it. It’s torturous waiting for replies from guys I actually like, and it gets old after a while. I have met a couple of guys that I am more interested in gettin to know as friends, but I’m sure they’re looking for more and I shouldn’t waste their time.

It’s actually been quite interesting though to be fully immersed in reality for a change and having to deal with what I actually want in life/partner-wise, as opposed to just thinking “it’ll happen one day”.

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